Master Off Camera Flash with us!

Continuing education will be your best dollar for dollar investment. 

It's vitally important to choose your educator carefully.

Are you new to photography? Maybe you're having a hard time getting your images to "pop" What about lighting?

Whatever your situation is we can help.

We specialize in dramatic off camera flash lightning, setting exposure with camera basics, Senior photography business tactics post-covid.

If you're sick of having to "save" your images when you get to post then our OCF class is for you!

Who's teaching? 

Mark Ferringer has been a photographer for over 20 years. He graduated with a degree in Photography and a certificate in graphic design. He's a PPA member and regularly continues his own education with fellow peers. He started teaching during Covid and enjoyed it enough to offer it to others.

More Educators will be joining our team in 2023!

They will specialize in newborn and family photography, please send us an email if you're interested in those classes. 

For full details including investment and classes please email.

Don't be left behind in the ever changing world of photography, contact us today to gain the edge in your market!

We offer mentoring via zoom or in person if you're local to Phoenix, Arizona.

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